What is Super Indo Kratom? A Complete Guide for Beginners

    From the classic Maeng Da kratom to the mightiest Elephant kratom strains, kratom enthusiasts have numerous kratom strains available for you to choose from. Deciding on the right strain from almost 25+ varieties that are further subdivided into four vein colors gets pretty challenging. But, let’s make it no muss, no fuss, and easy-peasy for you.

    If you are looking for jaw-dropping potency and ever-lasting effects of M.Speciosa, the rarest kratom strain – Super Indo kratom would be the right fit for you. This exceptionally unique variety of Indo kratom is a fan-favorite of millions of fanatic kratom users.

    Let’s look at the complete review of Super Indo kratom and what sets it apart from other leading kratom strains.

    The Origin Of Super Indo Kratom

    Mitragyna Speciosa is indigenous to Southeastern parts of Asia. Each region produces a unique variety of kratom, and the climatic conditions add to varying alkaloid profiles. But what about the origin of Super Indo kratom?

    Super Indo kratom is only found in Indonesia’s rich, deep, and never-ending forests and islands. The classic temperate climate takes the growth, potency, and quality to the whole next level. From sowing the seeds to harvesting the leaves, seasoned farmers keenly look after all the essential transitions and ensure only blemish-free, fresh, and healthy leaves are selected for further processing Super Indo kratom products.

    Why Do We Use “Super” To Define This Exceptional Indo Kratom Variety?

    You must have heard about the basic Indo kratom, but what’s up with “super” Indo kratom? Is “super” solely used for a marketing ploy, or does this strain have something exceptionally distinctive to offer?

    Super Indo kratom comes from larger Indo kratom leaves that are mature and have loaded alkaloid ratios of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. So when we consider strength and performance, the super Indo kratom beats most of the famous Mitragyna Speciosa strains like Sumatra, Ketapang, and Borneo.

    Red, Green, and White Super Indo Kratom: Explore the Unique Differences!

    Like other kratom strains, the Super Indo falls under three ever-green vein colors – Red, Green, and White. Each variety is poles apart and hence produces different health-boosting benefits. Let’s have a deep dive into the differences that you must know.

    1)  Red Super Indo Kratom

    Red Super Indo kratom derives from massively huge M.Speciosa leaves with higher concentrations of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid. Prominent scarlet red veins begin to develop on the leaves as they become more mature.

    The Red Super Indo is known for its relaxing and sedating properties. It is ideal for those looking for a comforting sleep, pain relief, and stress release.

    2)  Green Super Indo Kratom

    Green Super Indo Kratom comes from larger Mitragyna Speciosa leaves with green veins, depicting higher concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids.

    It’s a hybrid strain having the best features of both White Super Indo and Red Super Indo kratom. The Green Super Indo is ideal for stimulation, motivation, comfort, stress release, and mild pain relief, considering the health-related benefits.

    3)  White Super Indo Kratom

    White Super Indo kratom originates from white vein leaves that have exceptionally higher concentrations of Mitragynine alkaloid. Mitragynine is a known energy booster and stimulant. White Super Indo is also an ideal alternative for those who love White Maeng Da, White Bali, and White Elephant kratom.

    Now you know about the significant differences between the three veins of Super Indo kratom. We will comprehensively spotlight the three leading product types to get the most out of this rarest kratom strain.

    Super Indo kratom Products For Sale Online

    If you visit online kratom stores, you will find a range of kratom products, from powders to shots. In Super Indo kratom’s case, the powder and capsule form is available in bulk; however, the extract is a bit challenging to find, especially with high potency and supreme quality.

    1)  Super Indo Kratom Powders

    This magical blended powder is legit perfection. The sun-dried super Indo kratom leaves are made into super-soft powder by using 100-micron grinders. The powder is a little bit bitter, but those who cherish the organic flavor of herbs will surely love it. You can enjoy your dosage by making a soothing cup of kratom tea or add it to your much-loved smoothie or juice blend.

    The prices for Super Indo kratom powder (28grams) range from $10-$12.

    2)  Super Indo Kratom Capsules

    Capsules come in handy for those who cannot tolerate the mildly harsh taste of Super Indo kratom. These capsules are available in gelatin and veggie covering, and the sizes range from 2 (can encapsulate 0.3g of kratom) – 000 (can encapsulate 1g of kratom). These pre-measured doses are a plus for those who get put away with the thought of measuring their kratom dosage accurately.

    However, you may experience delayed effects of kratom with capsules as the capsule covering takes time to melt in the stomach. Moreover, you may find the prices of capsules comparatively higher as the manufacturing process is time-consuming and expensive. The prices vary from $20 – $25 for 50ct.

    3)  Super Indo kratom Extracts

    Did you hear Super Indo Kratom extracts? Whoa! Yes, the strain is also available in the form of the extract with sky-rocketing potency levels. The extract is hugely more potent as it contains high volumes of kratom powder, concentrated down to produce an alkaloid-rich chemical profile. Even a smaller dose of 0.5 grams can initiate enduring health-boosting effects.

    The prices for extract vary based on strength and size. However, a typical 5g extract would cost $30 – $35.

    Super Indo Kratom Powder And Capsules: What Should Be Your Ultimate Preference?

    The final choice is all yours! If you can beat the bitter taste of kratom, then the powdered form would be best for you. But, if you cannot tolerate it, and even masking it with other sweeteners does not help out either, then go for capsules. They might be a little bit expensive but will provide you with the ultimate kratom experience.

    How Should You Store Your Precious Super Indo Kratom At Home?

    Once you plan to buy a considerable amount of Super Indo kratom, your very next thought would be how you are going to store it to preserve the freshness and potency. That’s true; like other botanical substances – Kanna, Matcha, and Rhodiola Rosea, Kratom is also vulnerable to degradation.

    But, by following these easy-to-implement guidelines, you are sure-shot going to experience the same freshness and potency with each dosage.

    1) Let your Super Indo kratom Be best Friends With The Darkness.

    Have you ever witnessed the fading of curtains because of direct exposure to intense sunlight? That’s what sunlight does to kratom. It changes its alkaloid profile, causes degradation, and as a result, it turns bad. So be careful and store your kratom in a dark spot like cabinets or drawers.

    2) Look For a Cooler Spot For Storing

    Just like sunlight, a higher temperature can also damage your valuable Super Indo kratom. Make sure the storage area is maintained at a temperature of less than 30-degrees Celsius. Your kitchen pantry, drawers can be the best spots. However, if you find any other place with equivalent coolness levels, you are good to go with it as well.

    You can also put it in a mini-refrigerator and maintain the temperature.

    3) Don’t let Air Oxidize Your Super Indo Kratom

    What would happen if you leave your kratom outside, letting it have complete uninterrupted exposure to air? Without any doubt, it will oxidize! Oxidation will change the entire alkaloid ratios, and as a result, you will be consuming something different entirely and not your very own Super Indo Kratom.

    To keep it at bay from the air, you must use an air-tight container.  A mason jar or vacuum-sealed bag would work best for storing purposes.

    4) The Storage Area Must Be Dry

    According to experts, one should store kratom in a humidity-free place, a completely dry area. Moisture can cause staleness, mold production, and complete spoilage of kratom. Even if you find a small amount of mold, you would unquestionably have to discard the entire stock of your kratom because it may take you to a bad state.

    Final Thoughts

    No matter what strain color you choose, the entire experience with Super Indo kratom is always rewarding. Make sure you buy Super Indo kratom online from a reputable kratom vendor who conducts third-party lab tests in state-of-the-art laboratories and has valid GMP certification.

    Moreover, it would be best to research the Super Indo kratom strain reviews to quickly guess what people are saying about this strain and whether it would suit your health-related needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Super Indo Kratom

    1) Is it safe to use super Indo kratom?

    Yes, it is safe to use it, provided you are not consuming higher doses and practicing strain rotation techniques.

    2) How much Super Indo kratom should I use?

    A safe dosage of super Indo kratom varies from 1-3 grams.  However, it is an average dosage at which most users experience the effects and not an ideal fit for all kratom enthusiasts.

    3) Is it essential to use lab-tested Super Indo kratom?

    Yes, it would be best to always use lab-tested Super Indo kratom to be 100% sure that the powder is free from contaminants.

    4) How would I know if my Super Indo kratom has turned bad?

    If you do not store kratom properly, it may turn bad. If you observe a change in the color of your powder or a different smell with visible mold spores, you must not use it.

    5) Is Super Indo kratom extremely high in alkaloids?

    Since Super Indo comes from larger Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, the alkaloid ratios will undoubtedly be intense.

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